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What is PCB and Why is it Harmful?

Source: writerscramp PCB, or Polychlorinated Biphenyl, refers to a group of more than 200 man-made chemicals that were produced in ...
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Infection Control Guidelines For Healthcare Construction Projects

As hospitals in many areas expand and add new wings, research centres and patient centres, construction at these facilities seems ...
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Be Aware of Hidden Asbestos in Your Home or Office

Source: safemanitoba.comAsbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that was originally used in building materials because of its excellent insulation properties, ...
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CO2 Blasting – A Non-Abrasive Answer to Mold Remediation

What Is Carbon Dioxide Blasting Also known as dry ice blasting, is a technologically advanced industrial cleaning method in mold ...
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Yet Another Form of Cancer Attributed to Asbestos Exposure

Recently, another disease has been added to those with a possible connection to asbestos. As stated in an article (February ...
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Contaminated Sites – Liability from Oil Tank Leaks

Not too long ago, a leak in a heating oil tank leak resulted in the destruction of one Ottawa woman’s home ...
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Hazardous Materials Clean-Up: A Clandestine Methamphetamine Lab Puts a Community at Risk – Part 1

We heard about a recent CBC story that told the tale of an incredibly dangerous situation for many young families ...
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Environmental Construction Best Practices Means a Focus On Employee Safety

Across Canada and the United States today representatives with health and safety administrations are working toward making sure that all ...
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Demolition and Decontamination Can Result In a Renewed Interest In Your Property

The Canadian Urban Institute's Brownie Awards have recently been awarded in Niagara Falls, Ontario.  The CUI has led the way ...
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