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Whether you have an underground or aboveground storage tank that needs to be removed, Ferro Canada’s environmental services experts will safely extract and dispose of it for you – even from contaminated soil.

Ferro Canada’s Storage Tank Removal Services:

  • Provide TSSA licensed AST and UST removal
  • Conduct all mandated soil testing and reporting
  • Dispose of a tank and any contaminated soil
  • Offer residential and commercial services

Complete AST and UST Removal Services

If you have an underground storage tank (UST) or an above-ground storage tank (AST) located on your commercial or residential premises, Ferro Canada’s certified experts can safely and effectively remove it.

Due to the nature of the volatile liquids contained in storage tanks, there are environmental regulations involved that must be adhered to. UST removal is governed in Ontario by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA), which mandates that USTs may only be removed by licensed PM2 contractors in accordance with specific procedures.

Make sure that your storage tanks are properly inspected

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Among the various regulations, The TSSA requires that all USTs older than 25 years old and containing petroleum products be removed prior by 2006, as well as mandating annual leak testing for all USTs with a storage capacity greater than 5,000 litres. As part of the UST removal process, TSSA regulations require:

  • An assessment report showing if any petroleum products have escaped into the environment
  • An examination of the surrounding areas following excavation for evidence of volatile organic compounds
  • Conducting soil sample analysis
  • Groundwater analysis

Get an Underground Storage Tank Inspection

Despite the specific regulations surrounding storage tanks, property owners tend to give little thought to their USTs. Unfortunately, underground storage tanks have a limited lifespan, and older models are especially susceptible to corrosion and leakage.

Volatile compounds such as petroleum products, when they escape, can contaminate not only the adjacent soil but can also affect the groundwater.



For that reason, and to remain compliant, an underground storage tank inspection should be conducted regularly for any UST. Early detection is key to preventing environmental contamination, and Ferro Canada can conduct the necessary inspections and analysis to determine whether or not your tank needs to be removed.

Our Storage Tank Removal Process

As part of our removal process, we’ll carefully determine the condition of your UST and conduct the required soil and environmental testing. We’ll remove any remaining product in the tank before excavating it, and if there is any contamination we’ll remove all of the affected soil and materials.

Once this has been completed, we’ll either replace the clean soil, or obtain fresh soil to complete the backfill process. All materials including the tank and any contaminated materials will be safely disposed of at designated facilities.

Trust Ferro Canada’s Tank Removal Experts

As a trusted leader in environmental contracting, Ferro Canada’s team has the experience and certifications necessary to safely and efficiently remove your above-ground or underground storage tank in compliance will all government regulations. Contact us to talk to one of our experts and to learn how we can take care of your AST or UST removal.

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