Coronavirus (COVID-19) Disinfecting & Sanitization Services

Protect Your Business From Harmful Pathogens With Trusted Commercial Cleaning Services

People are the lifeblood of every business, and it is important that their health is not compromised when they come to the office. To fight pathogens and biohazards in your workplace – such as toxins, bacteria, and viruses – it is crucial that you hire a trusted sanitization services partner who understands what sanitization services are required and will provide the protection you need.


  • Multi-step professional cleaning and disinfecting services designed to deactivate and eradicate destructive pathogens
  • Fogging disinfecting services to provide that additional layer of protection in hard to reach areas
  • Thorough pathogen testing for critical biohazards to ensure workplace health
  • Innovative robotic HVAC Disinfection Services to decontaminate your ventilation system and improve air quality
  • Qualified contractors with decades of experience providing health sanitization services and disinfecting cleaning services for commercial and residential buildings.

Sanitation Services Specialists

Only qualified professional disinfecting services contractors should be engaged to safely eliminate harmful pathogens and safeguard people from harm. With an extensive history of working with commercial and residential buildings throughout Canada, the FERRO team is trained to adhere to rigorous standards, protocols, and precautionary measures for disinfecting and deep cleaning your facility.

The FERRO team is well-equipped to conduct sanitization cleaning services and we follow an intricate, multi-step process to eradicate the pathogen per rigorous industry best practice protocols. Closely monitoring the environment, we first use a cleaner to remove dust and debris off of surfaces. Then, the surface is treated through an intensive disinfection process with DIN-certified disinfectants that are verified by Health Canada to work against the pathogen in question. To reach hidden cracks, crevices, and hard to reach places, a fogging disinfectant could then be incorporated to thoroughly complete the sanitization process.

Looking to also improve air quality – or further target airborne biohazards –  in your building through cleaning services specializing in sanitizing?  We are the industry leaders in Robotic HVAC cleaning. We use state of the art remote-controlled robots to clean your air ducts, effectively reducing toxic exposure. In fact, Ferro is the only NADCA and ADCA-certified environmental contractor in the country with these robotic capabilities.

If you require pathogen testing along with health services cleaning and disinfecting, the FERRO team partners with industry-leading consultants who are trained and able to assess the environment and test the pathogen, providing you with complete professional insight that helps ensure building occupants are protected.

The safety of your people matters to you – and it matters to us, too. The FERRO team will guide you with expert advice through every step of the sanitization services process so that your employees remain safe and protected. With over 17 years of in-depth expertise carefully eradicating harmful pathogens and biohazards, you can rest assured that our qualified professionals will get the job done right.

Professional Disinfecting Services:

  • Comprehensive cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection for commercial and residential buildings
  • Fogging disinfection
  • Hazardous materials removal – Cleaning after accidents, biohazard spills, bloodborne and airborne pathogens
  • Pathogen Cleaning – Removing hazard spores, viruses and bacteria
  • Robotic HVAC Air duct cleaning

When the safety of your business and employees is in your hands, call the sanitization services specialists who you can trust. Our FERRO team will be onsite at your building as soon as you need us – just contact us by calling our C.R.A.S.H. Team at 1-877-429-7760.