Lead Abatement

Is Hazardous Lead Present in Your Commercial Building?

Your commercial building may be contaminated with hazardous lead. Ferro Canada’s is a trusted lead abatement contractor that will assess your risk level and safely & permanently remove this dangerous substance from your property to protect your occupants’ health.

Ferro Canada’s Lead Abatement Services:

  • Determine whether you have lead contamination
  • Advise you if levels pose a health risk
  • Safely & permanently remove accumulated lead
  • Protect your building occupants’ health

Do You Suspect Your Commercial Building Might be Contaminated With Lead?

Until the health risks became fully known, lead was widely used for centuries in building construction and for industrial purposes. As a malleable and relatively inexpensive metal, it had a variety of properties that made it an attractive material, from providing a paint base to being used in wire casings, glazings, coatings, flashing, and plumbing.

While more recently-constructed buildings are likely to be relatively lead-free, any older building might have some degree of contamination. Even if the lead wasn’t used as a construction material for your building, it could still be present in the form of lead paint, or it may have accumulated from leaded gasoline fumes that entered into the ventilation system.

Unfortunately, you might not even know if you have a lead problem. Building occupants who have been exposed to lead may exhibit a wide variety of symptoms ranging from headaches, vomiting, joint pain and tiredness to potentially fatal long-term illnesses.

As lead is an extremely hazardous substance, it must be removed and disposed of by a trained and properly-equipped team observing strict safety protocols. Lead exposure from dust resulting from drilling, cutting or sanding is particularly dangerous, and it can also enter the bloodstream via airborne fumes or direct skin contact.

So it’s extremely important that you don’t try to remove it yourself, especially lead paint, as doing so can lead to even greater exposure and health risks.

What to do if You Suspect the Presence of Lead

If you suspect your building may be contaminated with lead, the first step is to contact a lead abatement contractor such as Ferro Canada. Our experts will conduct a thorough assessment and determine whether lead is present, and if so, whether it’s in an amount that poses a health risk.

Our highly-trained team can then remove and dispose of the contaminated materials in a completely safe way, using specialized safety equipment and barriers to protect all building occupants during the abatement process.

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Trust Ferro Canada’s Expert Lead Abatement Services

Ferro Canada is a trusted expert in environmental abatement services. As a member of the Environmental Abatement Council of Ontario, we take an active leadership role in promoting environmental and workplace safety guidelines for the building and construction industry. And as such, we’re fully trained to handle every type of lead abatement problem safely and permanently.

If you suspect your building may have a lead contamination issue, the first step is to contact us. We’ll help you every step of the way, ensuring the health and safety of your building’s occupants.

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