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A One Stop Shop Mold Removal Service


A certified third-party lab to test your property’s air for mold spore contamination.



A complete inspection using scopes and infrared cameras to find mold, even in hard-to-reach areas such as the drywall, ceiling, in HVAC and plumbing, etc.

Total mold removal and repair/renovation to areas that had to be torn down as part of Type 2 (10-100 square-feet) and Type 3 (100+ square-feet) operations.

Get Rid of All Mold, Stink, and Damage

We understand that you’re busy and that the stress of having a mold problem is bad enough.

This is why we offer a turnkey service that saves you from wasting time and energy in talking and coordinating with different companies.

Our inspection process is both thorough and precise. We avoid unnecessary damage by using non-intrusive methods, such as infrared cameras over your walls and scopes to see the HVAC.

We’ll only do intrusive checks if we confirm a hidden mold infection (e.g., behind the drywall). When it comes to removing mold, we only follow EACO (Environmental Abatement Council of Ontario)-defined best practices.

We target all mold for removal, even in hard-to-reach areas — such as behind drywall, beneath tiles, etc — and toxic and black mold. FERRO handles the removal, cleaning, and disposal with HEPA vacuums and airtight polyethylene bags.

This also means we use proven measures — such as protective gear and decontamination sites — to stop everyone from getting sick as a result of breathing in or touching mold.

This frees you from worrying about the occupational health and safety liabilities involved with Type 2 and Type 3 mold removal projects. Just focus on managing your property.

Avoid Another Mold Nightmare

We enclose the worksite with physical barriers as well as negative airflow and air pressure to stop the mold infection from spreading any further.

Once contained, we then remove the mold with a focus on solving the root problem so that the mold does not return. We also use HEPA vacuums to pull mold spores out of your air, which puts an end to the risk of mold being left behind after the project.

Save Money by Finding the Best Offer

You can have FERRO just inspect your property to determine the extent of the mold infection and list exactly what you will need to remove all of it. You can then get other contractors to bid for your project to get the best quote and save money.

Is the Price Too High? Break it into Small Installments

Don’t let sticker shock stop you from removing the mold today.

We know big (e.g., Type 2 and Type 3) mold removal projects are expensive, so FERRO will get you financing help at no extra cost (we work with the top banks and credit unions). You can remove the mold today and pay-off the cost through easy installments later.