Mold Removal


Mold Removal

First off let me ”clear the air” – Mold (or Mould depending on how you spell it) exists naturally in our environment, it’s in the air you are breathing right now both indoors and outdoors. In low or “normal” concentrations Mold and Mold Spores do not pose a serious risk to the vast majority of people ; challenges occur when mold is allowed to proliferate indoors thereby elevating the spore counts to beyond normal conditions (such as after a flood or exposure to moisture)

If that is the case - If you discover that your home or business has mold/Mould, remediation should be performed as swiftly and quickly as possible. An unhealthy and hazardous substance to many in an elevated environment, getting rid of it can be just as risky as having it in your building, and the process should be carried out only by trained professionals like the team at FERRO ENVIRONMENTAL. A top and trusted name in mold remediation, we’ve helped countless commercial and residential properties with our quality service.

"Black mold" and toxic mold are layman’s terms for typically specific strains of mold/Mould and I ’ll do my best to outline what that means:

The more common types of mold known as "Black mold" and toxic mold are S. chartarum and S. chlorohalonata – more commonly known as Stachybotris, Stachy (Sta-ky), Toxic Mold or “Black mold”.

As the most famous species of mold. Black mold (S. chartarum and S. chlorohalonata) is frequently associated with poor indoor air quality that arises after fungal growth on water-damaged building materials.

Exposure to this can lead to health problems and daily exposure in work environments can even be fatal. So if you have discovered, or even suspect that your commercial or residential property has black mold, removal should be performed immediately.

The other type of mold, termed “toxic mold” refers to molds that produce mycotoxins. Exposure to high levels of mycotoxins can lead to neurological problems and in rare cases have even proven to be fatal. Prolonged exposure, for instance daily exposure at work, can be particularly harmful. Health problems associated with high levels of toxic mold spores in a facility are similar to cold and flu symptoms, including irritations of the eye, nose and throat, sinus congestion and other respiratory problems.

All good reasons that if you discover, or even suspect that your commercial or residential property has toxic mold, removal should be performed as immediately as possible. A trusted name in toxic mold removal, FERRO Canada team has helped literally thousands of commercial and residential properties “breathe easy”.

The first thing you want to do is to actually find out what you are dealing with by confirming whether or not you actually have a contamination issue. If you’re concerned that you might, call an environmental consulting firm immediately; they will come in and take samples, then analyze them to see whether or not the substance is present. If the results come back positive, that’s when you call us here at FERRO ENVIRONMENTAL – the sooner, the better – and have us come in to conduct mold remediation. We take pride in facing every toxic mold removal project with the highest level of professionalism and an unwavering dedication to sound customer service.

Every member of our team is trained and qualified in handling dangerous substances of all kinds, and we will fully commit ourselves to ensuring your property is safe and you have peace of mind. Our dedication to bringing you the best, most professional mold remediation in the industry is unmatched, and we’re always happy to go the extra mile to guarantee our clients are satisfied.

A trusted name in black mold removal, the FERRO ENVIRONMENTAL team has helped countless commercial and residential property owners breathe easier. If you suspect you have black mold to be removed, We take pride in facing every black mold removal project with the highest level of professionalism and an unwavering dedication to sound customer service. Once the black mold is removed, the FERRO team can efficiently and effectively re-construct your facility so you would never know we were ever present.


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