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Toxic Mold Can Affect Your Health. Eliminate It.

When mold appears, it needs to be removed quickly and safely. As a trusted professional environmental contracting firm, Ferro can get you the help you need – today. 

Why work with Ferro Canada?

Identify mold in hard-to-reach places like crawl spaces and basements.

Safely remove mold from your property, including toxic black mold.

Prevent future contamination by finding and eliminating the root cause.

Boost your indoor air quality by removing airborne spores.

Limit your exposure to mold by containing affected areas and stopping the spread.

Stay on budget with affordable financing options.

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    I had the pleasure of working with Ferro on some very difficult remediation projects and I found both Peter and his employees were excellent to deal with and I had complete confidence in their work.

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    I have had the pleasure of using Pete and Ferro Canada on a wide variety of mould, asbestos, and flood cleanup projects. From the smallest project to the largest emergency cleanup Ferro can always be relied upon to deliver high quality, cost-effective, timely environmental contracting.


    I have worked with Peter and the members of his team at Ferro on a number of occasions. Ferro has always provided me with excellent and competitive pricing on any of my projects that have been a part of. Peter and his forces have always provided professional quality work. They go the extra mile to ensure that the client and my team are completely satisfied at the project outcome. One of the keys to Peter’s success is that he is a problem solver, not a problem finder. I would recommend Peter to anyone in our industry looking for a first class contractor.

    Identify Mold Problems at the Source

    Identify Mold Problems at the Source

    Mold can proliferate almost anywhere, just because you see it on the walls or ceiling, doesn’t mean that’s where it originated.

    Some mold problems can proliferate in hard-to-reach places:

    • Basements/crawl spaces
    • Behind walls with plumbing
    • Around air conditioning units
    • Leaky attics
    • Wood surfaces with water damage like floorboards and cabinets

    If you don’t eliminate the problem at the source, more mold will grow in the future. We recommend the use of an environmental consultant and can help coordinate one for your Ontario home or business.

    A mold inspector in Ontario will test the air in your property for mold spore contamination, identify the source of your problem and create a plan to eradicate it.

    Do You Have a Mold Problem?

    Learn about mold removal cost in Ontario. It may be more affordable than you think.

    Prevent Mold from Spreading to Other Areas

    Mold creates spores, which can become airborne and spread to other areas of your home or business.

    Ferro Canada’s professional mold remediation experts use negative airflow and air pressure to contain the infected area.

    We also use specialized HEPA vacuums during mold remediation to remove spores in the air.

    By keeping the source of the mold growth contained, you can avoid another nightmare in the future, saving you time and money.

    Prevent Mold from Spreading to Other Areas
    Steer Clear of a Mold Disaster with Black Mold Removal Mississauga

    Steer Clear of a Mold Disaster with Black Mold Removal Ontario

    Even the slightest trace of mold can cause a resurgence later on. That’s why it’s critical to remove every last bit of mold in your property.

    The experts at Ferro Environmental take mold cleanup seriously, making us one of the top mold removal companies in Ontario.

    We work hard to remove all traces, so you can rest assured knowing it won’t return and we do this by:

    • Cleaning the affected area
    • Removing and disposing of infected items, drywall, floorboards, etc.
    • Restoring facility to original condition.

    We’ve performed thousands of mold remediation and Gta mold removal Ontario projects and can eliminate even the worst infestations quickly without leaving a trace.

    Stay on Budget with Flexible Payment Options

    Mold remediation can be expensive, especially for larger Level 2 and Level 3 mold removal projects. But just because it’s expensive, doesn’t mean you should allow mold problems to continue.

    Ferro offers flexible payment options and can help you get financing at no extra cost. We work with the top banks and credit unions so you can remove the mold today and pay later.

    Cleaning mold doesn’t have to break your budget. Spread payments over several installments at no extra cost.

    Stay on Budget with Flexible Payment Options

    Eliminate All Traces of Mold

    Don’t have time to research and contact multiple mold removal companies in your area? Ferro Environmental is a preferred contractor with many of the largest environmental firms in the country and we can help coordinate your project with them – from inspection and removal to reconstruction and mold testing.

    At Ferro we try and avoid unnecessary damage to your home and property by using infrared cameras and other non-intrusive methods to identify mold that might be hidden behind walls or under floors. Intrusive checks will only be conducted if absolutely necessary – in the event that we can confirm a mold infection specifically – and we will ensure that they are done strategically and meticulously to the highest standards.

    From basement to attic mold removal in Ontario (and everything in between), we’ll eliminate mold wherever it hides. We follow the latest EACO (Environmental Abatement Council of Ontario) defined best practices to ensure your safety.

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