Indoor Air Quality

Poor Indoor Air Quality is Costing You Money and Jeopardizing Your Health.

Mold and toxins can thrive in areas most duct cleaning services simply can’t reach. But we can. With cutting-edge robotic cleaning Aeroseal technology, the Ferro Environmental team will decontaminate your HVAC system for reduced energy costs and to eradicate hidden dangers from your air – so you can breathe easier.

The Benefits of Ferro’s Trusted HVAC Services Include:

  • Clean indoor air free of dangerous toxins
  • Reduced health risks & improved occupant productivity
  • Significant energy cost savings
  • A low-cost and high ROI solution
  • Certified & experienced service trusted nationwide

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The Dangers of Poor Indoor Air Quality

Most buildings today either experience or have the right conditions in place for poor indoor air quality.

Health Risks

Whether it’s a highrise saddled with a compromised HVAC system, a potentially hazardous environment such as a hospital, or a building contaminated by toxic substances like asbestos,
mold – taking the wrong cleaning approach can lead to disastrous accidents, unexpected costs, and increased liability.

Unfortunately, traditional duct cleaning usually isn’t enough to rid your space of toxins that have taken root in inaccessible ductwork areas. Not only are they difficult to remove, but trying to do so without the right training and equipment can be dangerous.

Higher Costs

In addition to posing health risks, poor air quality can significantly increase energy costs. With leakage rates typically ranging between 15% and 20%, a larger percentage of heating and cooling costs are spent on air that escapes from the system, never making it into the intended space.

As well, ventilation systems clogged by deposits require fans to work harder to circulate the air, resulting in higher energy costs.

Beyond Traditional Duct Cleaning

Ferro takes a different approach to cleaning your ventilation system. Rather than simple duct cleaning, our environmental cleaning services go far beyond, using the latest robotic HVAC technology and industry-leading processes to decontaminate your ventilation system and give you the best possible indoor air quality.

Combining cutting-edge robotic HVAC cleaning robots and Aeroseal technology, Ferro’s Environmental Cleaning services go far beyond traditional duct cleaning, removing harmful toxins from your air while reducing your energy costs.

Powerful HVAC Robotic Cleaning Technology

Duct cleaning robots are the clear solution to occupational hazards associated with toxic exposure, effectively performing a high level of decontamination/cleaning and sealing while ensuring residents, staff and operators are kept safe at all times.

Ferro Environmental’s remote-controlled robots are the most powerful and portable robots in the industry. Deployed to clean your HVAC system when traditional VAC truck or manual cleaning is not possible or effective, they ensure our clients receive the absolute latest and safest services available anywhere.

Our trained technicians and certified HVAC professionals regularly make proprietary modifications to our robots, keeping them on the cutting edge of the industry.

Fully Compliant With Environmental Regulations

The cleaning robots are able to overcome any challenge a duct system may present. Combined with their versatility and maneuverability – as well as their exceptional obstacle avoidance and surmounting abilities – this next-generation cleaning technology is without a doubt the most sophisticated equipment in their class.

Moreover, Ontario regulations categorize these type of HVAC activities – where there is currently or ever was asbestos fireproofing in a building – as a Type 3 operation requiring specialized handling. Because of this, the need for this technology has never been greater.

Ferro Environmental is the only Canadian abatement company with robotic capabilities certified by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association, your assurance of our commitment to quality.

Aeroseal Technology

As a building owner/manager/developer, when considering energy saving strategies, it always comes down to cost savings and return-on-investment.

With Ferro’s Aeroseal duct sealing technology, the traditional time and manpower required to seal ductwork have plummeted – making our duct-sealing service one of the highest ROI strategies building owners can make. Returns on this type of investment will typically be seen within three to seven years.

Our Aeroseal Duct Sealing Technology to help Commercial Clients with:

  • Energy Consumption
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Building Ventilation
  • Meeting Code and Specs for Duct Leakage

FERRO’s Aeroseal service is the best solution for a large range of Commercial building problems. Whether the problem is energy consumption, poor indoor air quality, or commissioning the HVAC system, Aeroseal is up to the job.

A Solution For High Energy Consumption

If you want to reduce your energy consumption without a large capital expenditure, you should consider having your ducts tested for leakage.

Duct leakage can more than double fan energy use, and increase heating and cooling costs significantly. According to ASHRAE, just a 20% leakage in an exhaust system can increase fan energy use by 95%.

Your energy savings potential is magnified by the fact that excess flow due to leakage often creates uncontrolled air infiltration through the building envelope or excess outside air intake through the HVAC system.

The investment in Aeroseal duct sealing is typically recovered in three to seven years.

Improve Poor Exhaust

Duct leakage has been linked to poor indoor air quality, poor humidity control, and health hazards such as sick building disease and the spread of mold and other contagions within the building.

If you are having trouble getting the correct air changes per hour or trouble pressurizing some zones within your building, it could be due to duct leakage. When 20% or more of the air that is passing through your ducts is leaking out, it is not surprising that some of the zones are not getting enough air.

In tall buildings, seasonal stack effects and wind loading often increase ventilation problems from improperly sealed toilet and kitchen exhaust systems. Buildings with self-regulating exhaust dampers are particularly prone to excessive energy consumption and poor indoor air quality associated with leaking exhaust shafts.

Problems Identified During Building Commissioning

In a recent survey, over 74% of commissioning professionals agreed that buildings have significant duct leakage.

If the HVAC cannot be properly balanced or you are not getting adequate flows through some supply diffusers or return grilles, you should consider getting your duct system sealed with Aeroseal. Aeroseal is able to seal leaks in otherwise inaccessible duct systems in both new and existing buildings.

Problems Identified by Test and Balance Report

If a Test and Balance report shows that you are not getting adequate flows to some grilles, or that the grille flows do not add up to the flow at the fan, you should consider getting your duct system sealed with Aeroseal.

Increased Cooling or Heating Capacity Needs

If your heating system or AC’s cooling system isn’t working according to your new needs, perhaps due to higher occupancy, you may be able to meet the increased needs simply by sealing the leaks in your duct system.

If your ducts are leaking 20% of the air that they are supposed to be delivering, simply sealing those leaks can increase your ability to cool zones with increased cooling loads. Aeroseal generally seals 80-90% of the leakage encountered.

Improve Indoor Air Quality With Ferro

Ferro’s certified Environmental Cleaning services deliver the highest possible levels of indoor air quality for your commercial building. We go beyond traditional duct cleaning to remove toxic substances and improve airflow.

Environmental Remediation Services:

Get in touch with our trusted environmental services team today – so you can start saving energy costs and breathe easier.

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