Vermiculite Insulation Removal

Safe and Effective Removal of Vermiculite Insulation Products

Vermiculite Insulation Removal Services From Ferro Canada:

  • Reduce potential asbestos exposure risks
  • Provide full vermiculite insulation testing
  • Safely remove vermiculite without health risks
  • Are fully certified and follow all industry standards

What is Vermiculite Insulation?

Vermiculite is a naturally-occurring volcanic mineral that was widely used primarily for insulation purposes until the 1980s. Due to its heat-resistance properties, it was thought to make an ideal insulation material, and was subsequently installed in millions of homes and buildings.

Although it’s harmless in itself, it was later discovered that it can contain asbestos fibres as a byproduct of the extraction process. This asbestos contamination was largely traced to a mine in North Dakota from which most of the North American insulation products were produced.

Trapped asbestos fibres are released when the vermiculite is heated or disturbed. So even though it’s not necessarily considered a danger if it’s placed in undisturbed areas such as ceiling and attic joists, renovation or construction activity can release the fibres if they disrupt the vermiculite roof or wall insulation.

Avoid health risks associated with Vermiculite Insulation

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The Federal Government offered financial incentives to building owners in the 1980s to remove vermiculite. It’s no longer used for insulation purposes, with the product being discontinued decades ago.

Vermiculite Insulation Testing  For Asbestos

You can’t tell if your vermiculite insulation contains asbestos just by looking at it. If you suspect you do have vermiculite insulation, and especially if you plan on doing any renovations, you should have samples tested for the presence of asbestos.

An environmental contractor like Ferro Canada can send trained experts to assess your vermiculite and help determine the likelihood of any health risks. They can advise you whether it poses a risk, and if you should have it removed.

How to Remove Vermiculite Insulation

In addition to providing a safer environment for occupants, removing your vermiculite insulation can improve your resale values as some buyers may be cautious about purchasing vermiculite insulated buildings

Vermiculite insulation removal needs to be performed by a contractor certified to conduct asbestos removal. Because it’s considered a hazardous material, it needs to be carefully handled with extensive safety protections and barriers in place to prevent exposure.

Ferro Canada’s team will perform your vermiculite removal safely and efficiently, following all best practices and standards, and using the latest equipment. Contact us to learn how we can determine whether your vermiculite insulation contains asbestos, and how we can give you peace of mind knowing that your environment is safe for all occupants.

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