Breathe Easy, trust the professionals

Breathe Easy, trust the professionals

FERRO Environmental is a professional environmental contractor that specializes in mold remediation, asbestos abatement, lead abatement, inspection/removal of both above and below ground storage tanks, vermiculite insulation removal, HAZMAT, indoor air quality and infection control.

Specialinizing in Industrial, Commercial, Insitutional and Healthcare properties, the environmental and financial risks associated with asbestos abatement have never required more expertise, more commitment or more sensitivity. Fortunately, asbestos abatement is what we do; we are professionals. Unlike some…It is not a service we ‘also do.’ so you can rest assured that your project is being handled by pros. FERRO is a member of the Environmental Abatement Council of Canada, and is fully insured, bondable, and WSIB current, and trained for all asbestos abatement projects, rest assured your property is in safe and capable hands.

So you discovered that your indoor environment / business has mold? Relax. FERRO has performed literally thousands of successful mold remediation projects. You’ve come to the right place, as trained professionals, the team at FERRO ENVIRONMENTAL have been a trusted name in mold remediation for over 18 years and are trusted by most of the largest and most reputable consultants, engineers and corporate clients in Canada. As members of the Environmental Abatement Council of Canada we are committed to providing the best value in the industry. Breathe Easy……..you’re in good hands.

Did you just find out that your property is contaminated with lead? Ferro Environmental can safely and permanently remove the lead contamination, ensuring the safety of your occupants and and compliance with health and safety standards.

Before becoming aware of its health risk, lead was frequently used in building construction. As a result, many older buildings have the potential for contamination. Keep you and your occupants safe by bringing in Ferro Environmental to safely remove lead contamination.

Environmental cleaning of air ducts is not the same as traditional duct cleaning, when dealing with high rise buildings with environmentally impacted systems using the wrong approach to decontamination can lead to disastrous accidents, unexpected costs, and increased liability.

In potentially hazardous environments such as hospitals, or buildings where toxic substances are present (asbestos, mold, lead) the opportunity for poor indoor air quality is high. Duct cleaning robots are the clear solution to occupational hazards associated with toxic exposure, effectively performing a high level of decontamination/cleaning and sealing while ensuring residents, staff and operators are kept safe at all times.

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    How to Hire an Environmental Contractor

    The FERRO Group includes FERRO Environmental and CertiClean. We are professional environmental and cleaning contractors that specialize in creating safer indoor environments.
    Established in 2003 we have over 18 years experience in mold remediation, asbestos abatement, lead abatement, Infection Prevention and Control, indoor air quality and infection control. (Including both domestic and enhanced cleaning)


    Identify your issue

    Know what you are dealing with. Read our blog or talk with one of our professionals to find out more.


    Find the right contractor

    Make sure your contractor has the requirements to complete the job. Download our environmental contractor checklist.


    Book an Inspection

    Reach out to Ferro Canada to get an inspection.

    Environmental Contractor Experience

    Simply stated, the FERRO team includes the most responsive, the most experienced and the most dedicated environmental contracting professionals in the business. Our attitude is that no job is too big – and no detail is too small. When you only have one chance to get it right, make FERRO part of your team.

    Asked Questions

    The cost for removal can vary from job to job. Calculating the cost of this depends on a number of factors including where the contamination is located, the size of the contaminated surface area and the equipment required to safely remediate the contaminated area. Make sure to review or asbestos and mold removal pricing pages to gain more knowledge on how cost is calculated.

    Make sure to reach out to a certified environmental contractor. From there, they can perform the proper soil testing to determine soil contamination.

    The health risks associated with asbestos comes from inhaling the asbestos fibers. When inhaled over a long period of time, asbestos can cause many lung-related issues. The health risks can vary from shortness of breath over time, to lung cancer in more serious situations.

    When it comes to asbestos abatement, there are three types. 1) Type 1 (1-10 square feet) 2) Type 2 (10-100 Square Feet) 3) Type 3 (Over 100 Square Feet). To get more information on each of these types, check out our asbestos abatement page!


    Operations Director
    Facilities Support Services

    I had the pleasure of working with Ferro on some very difficult remediation projects and I found both Peter and his employees were excellent to deal with and I had complete confidence in their work.

    GTA Indoor Environmental Quality and OH&S

    I have had the pleasure of using Pete and Ferro Canada on a wide variety of mould, asbestos, and flood cleanup projects. From the smallest project to the largest emergency cleanup Ferro can always be relied upon to deliver high quality, cost-effective, timely environmental contracting.


    I have worked with Peter and the members of his team at Ferro on a number of occasions. Ferro has always provided me with excellent and competitive pricing on any of my projects that have been a part of. Peter and his forces have always provided professional quality work. They go the extra mile to ensure that the client and my team are completely satisfied at the project outcome. One of the keys to Peter’s success is that he is a problem solver, not a problem finder. I would recommend Peter to anyone in our industry looking for a first class contractor.

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    Before environmental regulation, some industrial and manufacturing companies dumped waste chemicals and other pollutants into waterways or buried them underground….

    99% of our projects pass clearance testing on first inspection…

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