What Small Businesses Need to Know About Going Green

For many small businesses, the last thing you want to think about is going green; because you’re often working with a limited budget and limited time. Having to totally rework your business model, or change significant things about your building’s structure or inner-workings is frustrating to even contemplate. However, when you break it down into digestible chunks, you realize that, in some ways, going green will make your business more efficient. In addition, perhaps nothing is better advertisement than you or someone else telling a potential customer that you’re a green company. 

What Does it Mean to Go Green?

When it comes to going green, you want to look at and possibly change how you manage several areas of your company’s operations, including:

  • Your Vendor Choices (by making an effort to buy products and services from environmentally focused companies)
  • How You Build New Structures, Complete Repairs and Handle Demolitions (by working with companies that do environmental contracting and adhere to strict environmental standards during the construction process)
  • Your Waste Management Plan (by encouraging employees to create less waste; recycle everything possible; and reuse everything possible)
  • Your Energy Management Plan (by installing energy-efficient light bulbs; using energy-efficient appliances; and encouraging energy efficiency throughout the work place)
  • Your Toxicity Control and Elimination Plan (by getting rid of dangerous chemicals and mold, often present in older buildings)
  • Your Water Management Plan (by encouraging staff to conserve water and not to pollute it; and by installing water conservation faucets and toilets)
  • Your Transportation Choices (by encouraging employees to carpool, and by having special company events on site or within walking distance) 

Simple Changes

Once you break it down, you see that many of the things you would have to do to go green are really quite simple. Often, it’s just about making a choice or a small change. You might even be saving yourself some money on energy and water. Contact us. We have helped many other businesses like yours make great changes for the environment.

There are a number of things you should look for in an environmental contracting company. The first and most important is proper certification for the hazard being dealt with. Since asbestos is subject to regulations, checking and verifying the certifications of the company is key. The importance of hiring a certified environment remediation company is that you will have peace of mind knowing all removal activities are carried in compliance with the law.

It is important that you ask the asbestos removal company about their removal plan. Asking for the details of the plan is important as it will help you gauge exactly how prepared the environmental remediation company is. The company should provide specifications for sealed but ventilated workspaces, worker safety guidelines, removal techniques as well as waste containment and disposal.

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