How Environmental Services Can Protect Your Employees

Whether it is a construction site, a manufacturing plant or any other type of business, protecting employees while they are at work is of paramount importance to employers.  Not only is it a legal obligation, but these are the people that make it possible for the business to continue operating.  They do the work, they complete the projects and in many cases they assume the physical risks. It is in the business owner’s best interest to keep their employees healthy and safe.

Not too many employees head to work wondering just how many pollutants or dangerous contaminants they may be exposed to that day.  They are thinking about getting there on time, what they have to get accomplished during the workday or what’s happening after work.  It is the owner’s or management’s job to worry about their safety, and there may be many areas of risk depending on the workplace.

What Could Go Wrong?

There are many environmental and chemical hazards that may exist on a work site.  Your employees may find themselves working in an older building with asbestos on site, or a building with mold spores floating around.  They could potentially be exposed to fungi, bacteria, hazardous chemicals, contaminated soil and groundwater, viruses and more.

Workers that spend a lot of time with animals, food products or plants might be exposed to even more biological hazards than most.  It is true that proper hygiene methods and ventilation and using the proper equipment for the job can help, but environmental services are really the only way to know your work site is all clear.

Help Yourself, Too

Canadians aren’t particularly litigious people by nature, but exposing employees to mold, asbestos or other hazardous materials is only asking for trouble.  Lawsuits are always a possibility, and lawsuits long after the fact are possible in cases of fatal asbestos exposure.

It is to the benefit of most employers to have a thorough assessment made by environmental services to determine if there are any potential hazards.  Not only will it help your employees, but it will show that you were proactive in trying to limit any exposure to dangerous substances.

Contacting a professional environmental remediation company is your best bet if you really want to eliminate any potential health hazards on your work site.  Protect your employees and your business by mitigating risks at your next project.

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