Dry Ice Blasting Effectiveness Explained

C02 or dry ice blasting is an extremely effective form of blasting for general media removal or professional remediation. What makes it so effective? Let me explain, the dry ice blasting process causes a “micro thermal shock” on impact. This shock is generated from the dry ice’s temperature of -79°C. The shock breaks the bond between the coating and the surface it clings to then vaporizes, leaving a clean dry surface. Dry ice blasting is a relatively new process, but due to its many advantages, is gaining popularity quickly. The top five reasons for using dry ice cleaning are as follows:

  1. Increased up time:  The process is fast and thorough. There is no need for disassembly of machinery and has no drying time as the CO2 vaporizes on contact. (Turning from a solid to a gas without going through a liquid phase!)
  2. No damage to underlying structures:  Dry ice is non-abrasive. It can remove most contaminants without damaging sensitive equipment or components.
  3. NO solvents:  Dry ice blasting replaces most if not all chemical or solvent-based cleaning methods, making it safer for blasting technicians and anyone entering the area once the job is done. Without the threat of harmful vapors, trained workers can perform their tasks safely.
  4. Faster and more thorough than hand cleaning:  With dry ice blasting you can get into the tightest spaces that are not accessible by hand and do a much more thorough job. The dry ice evaporates, thus removing the need to clean up any additional blast media from the blasting process.
  5. Safe around electrical components:  Dry ice blasting is the most versatile process available. It can scour away the heaviest industrial build up without harming electrical switches, wiring and sensors. It also means that properly trained technicians can work on certain electrical components live, which again means NO SHUTDOWN!

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