The Danger of Asbestos

Hey folks, Pete Ferrante here. Welcome to my new informational series where I look to help you navigate the waters of environmental abatement and hazardous material removal.

I’ll be taking a sort of layman’s, easy to approach fashion to these questions to provide as much value to you as I can.

In our first series, we’re diving deep into asbestos removal to answer any potential questions you may have. In part two, I’ll be discussing how much asbestos removal typically costs and financing options you might have.

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The following is an edited transcript.

What are the Dangers of Asbestos?

We know how asbestos impacts infrastructure, but how does it impact the human body? What makes it so dangerous?

Well, listen. Let’s start with the worst. The reality is, it’s a dangerous substance for a reason.

There’s plenty of documented proof, studies, and information out there right now, and unfortunately, a vast number of deaths surrounding the application and the exposure to asbestos.

Beginning with asbestosis, which is a scarring of the lung tissue.

Asbestos Isn’t Harmful Until it’s Friable

The problem is, asbestos really isn’t harmful until it’s friable, that’s the word they use in the regulations.


All that means is that, when someone says it’s friable, it means it can be broken up. To go even deeper, it can be broken up by hand.

For instance, a ceiling tile can be broken up by hand and become those fibers if there is asbestos in the tile, become airborne, and you can inhale them.

How Does Asbestosis Occur?

Asbestosis occurs when your body is unable to effectively get rid of asbestos fibers.

Those fibers get lodged in the lung and get irritated. When that irritation happens, scar tissue builds up and then you have a hard time breathing. Unfortunately, this can cause a myriad of problems like lung cancers, mesothelioma, and COPD.

Basically, all this lung scarring, cancer, and breathing issues typically occur due to long-term asbestos exposure.

That’s how asbestos becomes so dangerous.

The Consequences of Asbestos

If you’re sitting in a room that has asbestos in the joint compound of the drywall, you’re likely pretty safe.

That is if it’s not getting airborne or being disturbed. The issue becomes when you actually disturb it.

If you are in a space where there is work on insulation that has deteriorated or piping that has been broken, and people are working in that area, dust is created. Within that dust will be asbestos fibers.

That’s really the biggest challenge you’re going to face.

Asbestosis Can Take Decades to Present Itself

Unfortunately, it’s not typically a one-time exposure kind of deal.

These symptoms and the problems that result from asbestos exposure take years, in some cases decades, to present themselves. That has caused the sorts of health problems we are seeing now, decades after asbestos was first installed in Canada.

Any respiratory issues get exacerbated when you’ve had long-term asbestos exposure. It’s that simple. That’s the plain and simple truth of it.

FERRO Environmental Can Help You with Asbestos Removal

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