Robotic HVAC Systems for Abatement and Remediation Projects

Cutting edge technological advances in the field of robotics have produced corresponding advances in effective mold remediation techniques. When the presence of mold is detected in a building, owners usually know the necessity of effecting remediation at once to avoid liability.

The Dangers Of Mold & HVAC Systems

But all the cleaning and stripping done to walls, floors and woodwork is going to be futile if mold spores or bacteria in the building’s ductwork are left to grow and spread. This can lead to Sick Building Syndrome, most famously documented in the history of Legionnaire’s Disease. This is a type of pneumonia caused by breathing contaminated air or water mist from the air circulation systems of large buildings. The dangers of mold itself have been amply documented elsewhere.

Proprietary Robotic systems deployed by trained, experienced FERRO technicians are able to reach deep into a building’s ductwork without the cost and inconvenience of tearing out walls and ceilings. With visual equipment mounted on the robots, technicians are able to view the interior conditions of the ducts and recommend treatments. Then they can not only clean the ducts of dust and debris, but spray them with sealants that retard mold growth, impede the loss of air through cracks and facilitate the flow of air for more efficient energy use.

The sealant generally used with the most advanced robotic systems is LEED compliant for use in hospitals and schools. Also, students have recently tested robotic systems that sterilize ductwork by killing mold with ultraviolet lights.

HVAC Mold Remediation

The mold remediation experts at FERRO Canada work closely with environmental consultants to determine the presence and extent of contamination in a building. We are experienced in all facets of remediation, including the use of robotic HVAC systems for ductwork. If your employees are suffering classic signs of indoor air pollution, such as frequent respiratory illnesses, watering eyes, sneezing, coughing or skin irritations, contact FERRO for an evaluation of your building’s health today – 1-877-429.7760.

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