Reporting Contamination to Start a Soil Clean-Up Project

The National Energy Board (NEB) has some simple guidelines for companies involved in the oil and gas industry that should be followed in order to report and remediate contamination. Soil clean-ups need to be done by professionals to ensure a thorough and compliant job.

The NEB expects all industries to follow certain procedures in order to prevent spills, leaks and releases. They also understand that accidents happen from time to time. When an incident results in the spilling or leaking of a liquid that may be harmful to the environment, the industry responsible must report it to the NEB immediately then take appropriate steps toward remediating the problem.

Companies can also have to deal with contamination that isn’t liquid, but still may cause adverse effects on the environment; occurred because of a previous incident; or from contaminates building up over time.

When this happens, the companies must contact the NEB by writing to the secretary of the board just as soon as possible. In the notification, the company needs to confirm that clean-up will take place in a short amount of time and will supply all details of the procedure; or that an Environmental Site Assessment is necessary and the company will advise the NEB on the remediation approach at a later date.

Clean-up procedures set forth by the NEB are to be followed after any emergency response. These procedures apply to sites where contamination has occurred in the past, but never rectified, as well. If there is a minor spill which is contained on site and the substances and any impacted material are properly removes so as to not pose a threat to soil or water quality, then notification is not necessary.

Contact an environmental remediation contractor for fast reliable remediation services right away in the event of any type of spill, leak or release.