How Will Lead Abatement Restore my Property?

hazmat-removalLead exposure is extremely risky. The substance is highly toxic to the body’s organs and poisoning can lead to issues with the heart, kidneys and nervous system, as well as possible seizures, comas, and even death. Because of these high risks and potential for fatal and life-altering medical issues, lead abatement must be a quick, safe and easy process.

Lead exposure in any facility is most commonly associated with lead paints and building materials. Because tetra-ethyl lead, more commonly known as a lead additive to gasoline, was once so commonly used, dangerous levels of lead can exist in old ducts and rafters. Though the substance has been banned in the United States and Canada since the early 1990’s (hence the term, unleaded gasoline), its remnants haven’t yet been stricken from all affected properties. Its dangers can go unnoticed especially in older buildings, or ones that have not been properly restored or retrofitted.

If there is any risk of exposure to building occupants in a commercial or domestic facility, the government requires lead abatement to take place. This is especially important for buildings with children, as lead poisoning can stunt proper cognitive development.

Lead abatement can restore your property by making it safe for all employees and/or residents. If you suspect you may be contaminated, you can call FERRO 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’ll come to your facility to determine if there is, in fact, a threat and where it’s coming from.

Canada has federal regulations concerning the safety of workplaces under its jurisdiction. Failure to comply with these standards, which including protecting employees from lead exposure and other hazardous materials, can result in fines reaching $500,000 and possible imprisonment. Making sure your facility is lead-free is therefore not only important for your health but the future of your business. Complying with this law and opting for a professional lead abatement service can therefore not only restore your property but also ensure the continued success and safety of your business.

So if you do suspect that your building may have lead-based paint or a collection of settled lead in old ducts and/or rafters, FERRO’s experienced lead abatement team will ensure the property is cleaned and restored according to the government’s requirements and that everyone at the facility will breathe easier and safer.

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