What is Involved in the Building Demolition Process?

One thing about construction projects like houses and buildings is that just as they went up, someday they must come down.  Nothing lasts forever, and that includes residential homes and buildings, as well as commercial structures.

When that day arrives and the building has become unsafe or just seen better days, it’s time to call in the building demolition experts.  Every safe and successful demolition begins with the company you hire to carry it out.  After you’ve hired a qualified and reputable company to do the job, the demolition process begins.

Assessing Your Demolition Needs

There are many different factors involved in a building demolition and several different ways to go about it.  In the beginning, a demolition company must assess your specific needs so they can customize a demolition plan for your particular project.

Creating the Demolition Process Plan

Once your needs are determined, a plan is created.  The plan will include how the demolition is to be carried out, as well as all of the equipment that will be used to do it.  The ultimate goal is to get that building demolished in the safest and most efficient way possible while staying within budget.  These decisions will depend on things like the size of the building, the building materials, the reason for the demolition and the location of the building.

Some of the demolition methods that might be considered include:

  • Implosion
  • Deconstruction
  • Selective Demolition
  • Traditional Excavator with grapple or “claw” and thumb

Once the plan is set, the demolition company will know the method, the equipment that’s necessary, the approximate cost, how much debris there will be, how it will be dispersed at the site and how long it will take to clean up.  Back up plans and emergency plans will also be part of the overall demolition plan.

Getting Permits

Obviously, it isn’t possible to just stroll into any city or town and demolish a building without getting the proper permits.  Removing any building from a site will alter the landscape and can even alter property values and property taxes in the area.

After the plan has been discussed and finalized, the company must get any and all necessary permits, so they are safe, and within the boundaries of the law when the demolition is carried out.

Preparing the Site

Just as you don’t just demolish a building without the proper permits, you don’t do it without preparing the site, either.  Whether it’s a small house or a huge office building, site preparation is an important factor.

The building must be completely cleaned out, all of the utilities like gas, water and electricity as well as the removal of any hazardous materials must be addressed, and any recyclable materials must be removed.  Any reputable demolition company is well versed in all aspects of the demolition process, so site preparation is just another step.

Carrying Out the Demolition Plan

After it’s all planned and the legal aspects are covered and the site is ready, the demolition is scheduled and carried out.  To some people, seeing a building demolished is a thing of beauty.  The coordination and expertise that goes into pulling it off just right are truly staggering.  In a lot of ways, the building going down isn’t really an ending, but a new beginning for whatever structure is going to take its place.