How is Interior Demolition Performed on a Building?

When people hear the term ‘building demolition’ the first thing that likely comes to mind is an explosion, or the sight of an entire building crumbling to the ground.  While these actions can be part of the process, sometimes an interior demolition is all that’s required.  As the name suggests, an interior demolition leaves the exterior of the structure intact, and only focuses on what’s happening inside.


Naturally, planning takes precedence over all else with any kind of demolition.  Every situation is a little bit different than the last, so each step must be planned thoroughly in order to ensure a safe demolition, with as little disruption as possible.  If demolition needs to take place on certain floors but not others or throughout an entire building, every move must be part of an overall plan so the job is done right.


Once the plan has been made, the preparation can begin.  Serious injury and structural damage are sure to follow interior demolition on a site that hasn’t been professionally prepared.  The FERRO team has been planning, setting up and executing internal demolitions for over 10 years, which is why we are a top choice for any custom-designed demolition you might need.  With any interior demolition, the site itself must be prepped in a way that follows the plan and ensures the safety of everyone in the building now, and everyone who will be in it in the future.

What It Includes

An interior demolition may include a myriad of different parts, but some of the more common ones are removing drywall, stud walls or concrete walls, digging floor trenches, removing slabs and dismantling virtually any interior part of the structure that needs attention.

Quite often, the mold remediation or asbestos removal part of the business ends up working in conjunction with the demolition part, or be the main reason the demolition was scheduled in the first place.

Benefits of Hiring an Expert

The benefits of hiring a demolition expert like FERRO Canada for your interior demolition will be felt in every stage of the process.  We are able to dismantle areas that are still occupied or completely vacant, without causing everyone to get upset as it happens.  Interior demolition experts are able to minimize the levels of dust, noise and building vibration, which are the main things that occupants have trouble with in these situations.

In the case of mold or asbestos removal, using an expert like FERRO is crucial, as these substance must be contained and handled according to strict rules and standards.

When you need an interior demolition done right, contact FERRO. We are on-call 24/7 at 1-877-429-7760.

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