Professional Mold Removal In Calgary

Stressed by the Mold Infestation in Your Calgary Property?

Ferro Environmental provides professional mold removal services in Calgary for every type of mold. We’ve cleared thousands of businesses of mold and returned them into healthy and enjoyable places.

With Ferro Environmental’s mold removal in Calgary, you’ll receive the following:

  • Technicians trained, equipped and experienced in all kinds of mold removal work
  • Full isolation of infested site with thorough cleaning using HEPA vacuums
  • Complete structural repair and restoration work following mold removal
  • Strict compliance with government regulations

Found mold? Get started right away by calling Ferro Environmental, a certified Calgary mold removal contractor that will cover every part of your mold removal needs so that your property can easily attract tenants once again.

Full-Service Mold Removal in Calgary

The moment a mold infestation is spotted, it is vital that you call a professional mold removal company to properly isolate, remove, clean and repair the infected area.

Ferro Environmental has helped thousands of property owners by removing mold and restoring buildings to their original state (as though there had never been mold damage in the first place).

Don’t Let Mold Chase Away Tenants

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