Soil Remediation Explained

UST_Removal_2If you're overseeing a construction project, it’s not uncommon to come across underground storage tanks and/or contaminated soils. If handled correctly, these issues can be dealt with quickly and with minimal interferences to your project. If ignored or mismanaged, they can lead to serious financial and legal liabilities. The FERRO team has the expertise, experience, training and licensing to meet your environmental needs in a cost effective way.

Underground storage tanks and associated piping are a major cause of soil and groundwater contamination. Many of the tanks installed in this country were installed prior to people realizing a tank monitoring system was absolutely necessary. Without a monitoring system, fluids can leak from these tanks undetected and contaminating the ground below. In an effort to reduce the liability that abandoned underground storage tanks represent, Section of the Liquid Fuels Handling Code states that all underground storage tanks that have been out of service for 2 or more years be properly removed from the ground. FERRO is licensed by the TSSA to conduct these removals and can reduce your liability.

The process of cleaning up contaminated soil is called "soil remediation". There are a couple of different methods commonly used to clean the soil and the method used will depend on the exact nature of the contamination.

Sometimes the soil itself can be treated. In order to ensure the problem doesn't re-occur or spread, we will also treat the groundwater. The soil and groundwater are removed and then purified or filtered before being returned back to the ground.

If the soil can't be treated, then it is removed and taken to a disposal area set aside for that purpose. New, clean soil is then trucked to your location and set in place. There are also times when a combination of methods will need to be used.

FERRO has the experience and expertise needed to resolve soil problems quickly and efficiently. When dealing with environmental issues, you need a contractor who has the capability to eliminate your environmental liabilities so you can continue with your project and increase the value of your property. With over 15 years of experience we are able to get your project  back on schedule  in no time.

Contact a FERRO environmental contracting professional for your remediation solutions today – 1-877-429.7760.

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