Hazardous materials comes in many forms, and we here at FERRO are familiar with them all. The removal of these different hazardous materials has never required more expertise than it does today. Fortunately, abatement isn’t a service that we “also do”. It’s what we do.

If you have discovered hazardous materials in your facility, contact FERRO Canada for safe and efficient HAZMAT removal.  If you think you’ve uncovered hazardous materials in your home or business, it is important to not disturb it. We can recommend a qualified environmental consulting firm who will come and take samples (usually 3 samples per material) and have them analyzed at a lab to confirm whether or not you are dealing with a hazard.  Call FERRO Canada for a list of reputable environmental consultants in your area.

HAZMAT testing can take up to 3-5 business days.  If the material is deemed a hazard, you can ask the environmental consultant to put a scope of work together that outlines precisely what work needs to be done and how it should get done based on your local protocol or regulations.  They will advise if you can continue to remain in the space while the HAZMAT remediation and removal takes place or if evacuation is necessary.

Always get the environmental consultant to come back and take clearance samples and inspect the quality of the HAZMAT removal process. This will give you peace of mind that the hazardous material has been eliminated safely. Because FERRO Canada provides turn-key re-construction services, we can put back whatever needs to be taken out.

Don’t be fooled by contractors who “say” that they can remove a hazardous material – always ask questions. Environmental contractors should be WSIB current, they should have the proper environmental liability insurance and their crews should be fully trained and knowledgeable.

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