The Importance of Soil Remediation for Your Company

When it comes to soil contamination, the consequences for a business can be extraordinary. The Canadian Environmental Protection Agency often conducts audits on companies that may be associated with environmental pollution. A typical part of such an audit typically includes taking soil samples. If soil samples test positive for any contaminants, the collateral damage may be significant. By learning more about soil remediation and the role FERRO Canada can play in the process, eliminating the possibility of such a tarnish on your company's reputation should be achievable.

Which Soil Remediation Option is Right for Your Company?

There are two soil remediation options that are typically used to eliminate a soil contamination problem. One option is to remove and replace the soil entirely, while the other is to complete the remediation using one of numerous in-situ techniques. In-situ techniques deployed are dependent on various parameters including, the nature of the contaminant the depth of the contaminant and the type of soil. A combination of techniques may best fit your budget and time requirements.

At FERRO, we can help guide you through the process of deciding which option is right for your soil contamination problem. Take the time to contact FERRO if you have any questions about your soil remediation project. Our attitude is that no job is too big and no detail is too small.

Please view the latest edition of FERRO's digital flip book HERE for a brief overview of how the various areas of expertise and services can benefit you.

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