Cleaning Up Soil Contamination – How It’s Done and Who to Call

Soil contamination can be a major hazard to humans and the natural environment. Caused by a variety of factors, including corrosion of fuel and chemical storage tanks and industrial waste discharge, it can seriously decrease the value of a property and cause damage to your health.

First, we assess the site and determine what course of action is most appropriate for the level and type of soil contamination. We not only assess the severity of the pollution but also its potential and current effect on the surrounding environment and ensure the method of treatment chosen decreases that effect.

We work with clients and consultants to develop the best approach to meet the timelines and budget of the client.

After that, FERRO gets to work excavating the site or installing infrastructure to remediate the impacted soil. Upon confirmation that the soils meet the MOE standards the site is restored taking the property from brown to green.

Treatments vary based on the type of soil contamination. If the soil is contaminated with leachate toxic heavy metals, we have the ability to stabilize the metals reducing disposal cost from hundreds of dollars to tens of dollars.

If the soil contamination is caused by petroleum hydrocarbons or other volatile organic compounds (VOCs), we use chemical decomposition which involves injecting chemical oxidants into the soil in an effort to break down the pollutants in the soil. Another method for the same type of contamination is thermal decomposition which involves heating the soil in-situ in order to drive the contaminants into the vapor phase. A vapor collection system is used to collect and treat the vapors.

Soil with high concentration of oil or product may be toxic to micro organisms. Another method called biological decomposition involves injected microorganisms into the soil to promote the breakdown of hydrocarbons. FERRO Canada uses the most advanced techniques to ensure your soil problem is taken care of. For anything from oil pollution to more complex contaminations, Ferro Canada can be there - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - to take care of the issue and make sure the effect on the environment and your health is held to a minimum.

So if you encounter a soil contamination problem at your commercial, industrial or institutional facilities, call FERRO Canada to effectively, quickly and safely remove the hazard.

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