Protect Your Clients!

Clients are the life blood of any business, so protect them! Make sure that anyone who represents you, your company or your brand respects the relationship as much as you do. CYA, as they say! In our game, nothing is more important than accountability.

Ensure you have:

  • CURRENT, adequate and proper insurance certificates for the work being performed.
  • Proper training certificates for the work being performed.
  • A subcontractor and/or employee that understands the relationship with the client and doesn’t overstep their bounds when approaching them.

Otherwise, guess what? Your client gets held accountable and then holds you liable for the actions (or worse – promises) of your subs. Give us a call at 905-841-8108 and let us tell you how true professionals can keep you and your clients safe – or visit us at for a detailed list of our industry leading services!

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