Infection Control Guidelines For Healthcare Construction Projects

infection-controlAs hospitals in many areas expand and add new wings, research centres and patient centres, construction at these facilities seems to never end. However, hospital construction can, among other things, release dust into the patient environment, containing high levels of bacteria that could be fatal to many of those in the hospital.

These projects require serious infection control guidelines, some of which are listed below. Ferro Canada has a proven track record of working with construction crews in hospitals to ensure the safety of not only the patients, but all of those that work to make the hospital an essential service to the public.

First, workers should be provided, whenever possible, with designated entrances and exits from work sites, so as to minimize their need to walk through patient centres and hallways. They should have their own toilet services and designated break and change rooms, as well as, of course, protective clothing that is designated for wear when travelling through patient-care areas. That clothing should be stored safely and away from work sites so as not to become contaminated.

Water quality and air quality is very important to watch during construction periods. Because electrical outages could occur due to construction mishaps, any of those disrupting water filtration systems could release bacteria into the water. This water could not only cause problems for patients, but also in laboratories where research is being conducted.

Also, improperly sealed windows in patient-care areas, or improperly sealed construction sites, could allow for dust to enter those areas in which it could cause health issues.

Not only does one need to ensure these risks are minimized, but a plan must also be devised to deal with the possibility of water contamination and air contamination. The infection control team at Ferro Canada will not only protect your work environment, but ensure its quick recovery if it is compromised.

By constantly monitoring dust levels and water quality, ensuring the proper isolation of construction projects from patient-care areas, and making sure construction workers follow guidelines surrounding their conduct, Ferro Canada takes care of the safety of your health-care facility.

Whether the job being done is a small one or a major one that involves complete renovation or new construction, Ferro Canada monitors the safety of patient-care areas and ensures the maintenance of a safe work environment so that the construction can be done as quickly possible, without any hazards.

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