Green and Environmental Topics: Sustainability Planning For Business – Part 1

environmentIt's today's buzz word – GREEN. Going green is worn as a badge of honour to those that are first undertaking it; and that’s a good thing Today, businesses and industries are actively investigating green and environmental topics with a focus toward implementing sustainable and efficient methods to build buildings, power our vehicles and also incorporate those methods into all our business practices so as an introductory blog, let's look at what that means and how the “helicopter view” looks.  We are exploring ways in which we can better manage and utilize our energy resources.  The best place to start reaching for our goals is from within our own businesses - seek out ways to lower your carbon footprint, reduce costs (always a good thing) and find the best methods to allocate energy. (And there’s the magic – allocation of energy. In all its forms – mental, physical and emotional. Energy relating not only to the business but its human resources!)

In order to prepare for this “green” future we keep speaking about (and hoping for) here are a couple of starting points (that we will expand on in future blogs):

  • Calculate your carbon footprint (many tools available online)
  • Analyze sources and costs to find the best combination of savings while also reducing the chances of environmental damage.
  • Determine which areas of our business need to be better utilizing or reducing current assets, office space, vehicle fleets and energy allocation.
  • Assigning a real dollar value to the sustainability practices in order to create a blueprint for future allocation decisions.
  • Taking action to capture any applicable incentives, tax credits or other sustainability-focused rebates that might be available.

Sustainability planning going forward will continue to evolve as technology is constantly improving and offering better and more efficient solutions.

Contact us at FERRO Canada when your environmental contracting needs require a forward thinking method that is earth-friendly while also offering a state-of-the-art remediation, abatement and clean-up solution.

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  1. How does environmental contracting really works? For example in the topic of green and environmental topics, what is it's function? What industries or who makes use of environmental contracting?
  2. Going is green good for ourselves and for the environment as well that's why it is important to make use of eco-friendly ways when dealing with some stuff like waste removal. We just have to know what these ways are and how to do them properly. There's no harm in doing every little thing we can to save the environment and it should always start with us.

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