A Layman’s Guide to Soil Contamination and Remediation

soil_remediationSoil contamination is a major hazard caused by a variety of factors, including corrosion of sewage tanks and industrial waste discharge, it can seriously decrease the value of a property and cause damage to your health.

Using the latest techniques in soil remediation, FERRO Canada will not only remove contaminated soil, we will restore your site after removal so it looks good as new.

First, we assess the site and in conjunction with your chosen consultant determine what course of action is most appropriate for the level and type of soil contamination. We not only assess the severity of the pollution, but also its potential and current effect on the surrounding environment and ensure the method of treatment chosen decreases that effect.

After that, Ferro gets to work either excavating the site or using one of our many in-situ options, basically either getting rid of all that polluted soil or treating it in place. After that, we backfill the site, then compaction and finally site restoration to take that site from brown to green.

Treatments vary based on the type of soil contamination. If the soil is contaminated by heavy metals, we use a method called soil washing, which consists of separating the contaminated portions, in an effort to save most of the non-polluted soil.

If the soil contamination is caused by oil or other types of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), we use chemical decomposition, which involves injecting chemical oxidants into the soil in an effort to decompose the pollutants in the soil. Another method for the same type of contamination is thermal decomposition, which involves blasting the soil with extreme heat in order to vaporize the pollutant. That pollutant doesn’t get released into the air though, as the contaminants in the vapor are absorbed.

Lastly, if the soil contamination is caused by more severe oil or other types of VOC pollution, we use a method called biological decomposition, which involves injected microorganisms into the soil to promote the breakdown of that oil or other pollutants.

FERRO uses the most advanced techniques to ensure your soil problem is taken care of. For anything from oil pollution to more complex contaminations, FERRO can be there, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to take care of the issue and make sure the effect on the environment and your health is held to a minimum.

So if you encounter a soil contamination problem at your commercial, industrial or institutional facilities, contact FERRO to effectively, quickly and safely remove the hazard.

Please view the latest edition of FERRO's digital flip book HERE for a brief overview of how the various areas of expertise and services can benefit you.

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  1. I don't know who I would call if the soil I lived around had contaminants in it. It would be a big deal, and it should be done by someone that knows how to do it right. I should find a number to call just in case something like that happens.

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