Infection Prevention and Control for Construction Projects

A serious infection of any kind may even prove to be fatal.  For most people, the word ‘infection’ doesn’t really come to mind when thinking about construction projects, but as you’re about to read, infection prevention and control in areas where construction takes place is absolutely critical. When long-term care facilities, hospitals, doctors’ offices and other health care locations undergo renovations or construction, it is essential that all work is carried out with the health of patients in mind.

Health Care Facilities

New construction or renovations in any environment can be cause for concern, but it is especially important when it is in a health care facility.  As the construction is taking place, fungal spores and bacteria contained in the dust can be released into the air.

When this happens, patients or residents who are already ill, have weakened immune systems or lung problems may breathe in this dust and the ensuing infection can have catastrophic effects on their health.  This is why infection prevention is so valuable prior to the beginning of any construction project in a health care facility.

Prevention is Key

For construction zones located in health care facilities, an infection prevention strategy should be implemented using negative air pressure near any patient care areas.

Negative air pressure in a room can prevent cross contaminations from the construction site to patient rooms. When an area is equipped with the proper ventilation system, it generates negative pressure that allows air to flow into the room, but not out, since air naturally flows from areas with higher pressure to those with lower pressure.  The air in the room is then removed through a mechanical exhaust system to eliminate any risk of contaminating the other areas of the facility.

If ceiling tiles need to be removed, or any other disruption is required above the false ceiling, a qualified team should remove the dust and keep it under control so it never becomes an issue.  That way the construction or renovation can continue on and every patient can continue on with their own healing process without having to worry about their condition worsening or becoming infected.

Protecting the occupants of a health care facility is extremely important when undertaking any type of renovation project. To ensure dust, mold spores and bacteria don’t cause further problems, contact an expert infection control provider like FERRO Canada.

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