3 Reasons You Must Remove Your Old Above Ground Storage Tank

Above ground storage tanks can be found in many parts of the country, containing different types of liquids that include gasoline, diesel, heating fuel and other hazardous materials.  Naturally, there are rules and regulations that govern the use of these storage tanks, whether they are still in use or long since abandoned.

In fact, those old above ground storage tanks are taking up space and posing a threat to the environment.  Here are three reasons to have them removed.

1.  Meeting Regulations

If you happen to have an above ground storage tank on your property that has been out of service for two or more years, section of the Liquid Fuels Handling Code says you must remove it.  If it is classified as an API Std 650 tank, you’re in the clear, but anything else has got to go.

And keep in mind, ‘has got to go’ doesn’t mean you should attach some chains to it and drag it away yourself.  The regulations state that any old above ground storage tank must be removed properly, and properly means by a licensed company like FERRO Canada. 

2.  Soil Contamination

Another reason you need to get the old above ground storage tank removed is that you run the risk of contaminating the surrounding soil if you don’t.  If any leakage has occurred, and that discharge hasn’t been noticed for an extended time frame, there’s a good chance that the soil has suffered some damage.

The risk of soil contamination is another reason you need to have the tanks removed by experts, and not try to tackle the job yourself.  Sticking to the rules is one thing, but causing unnecessary damage to the environment is quite another.

3.  Water Contamination

Environmental damage in the form of water contamination is yet another reason to have your old above ground storage tank removed by a certified environmental remediation contractor.  When leakage from the tanks seeps into groundwater, it can have a direct effect on both humans and wildlife, as drinking water and irrigation water can be affected.

If you have any old or abandoned aboveground storage tanks on your property, do yourself and the local environment a favour and have them removed…properly!

Please view the latest edition of FERRO’s digital flipbook HERE for a brief overview of how the various areas of expertise and environmental remediation services can benefit you.

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